work I did on one of my clients 🎨
For the anon that hates my eyebrows. Why so bitter? 😘
Long distance 😔 but the comfort this sends me ❤
I’m so in love with you even a blind man could see. Love like this doesn’t come often. You are literally the other half of me. You understand me. You get my sense of humor. You know how to push my buttons then make me smile 10 seconds later. We have this bond that’s out of this world. You are the love of my life and always will be for as long as we shall live. No one could ever take that away from me. I don’t think anyone could ever understand how much I truly love you. Thank you for loving me for me…the real me 👫💍❤😘💋
Current thoughts

I feel like I have a lot to get off my chest. I’m in a nutshell where I’m still trying to figure everything out. Life is confusing. I’m not sure if its life itself or the people I’m surrounded by. I don’t know if its just society itself that bothers me. I feel like I can’t relate to anyone. There are millions of people in the world…no I will not come across half of those people but the people I have come across don’t exactly fit the description of genuine. I’ve grew apart from nearly every last one of my “friends” and not because of a falling out but just for the simple fact that people don’t make an effort anymore. I feel like people only find there way to you if it benefits them. I feel like no matter how much someone has going on in their life they should find time. I know life can become consuming but if you want someone in your life you’ll keep them in it. All my life I wanted to be that person that stays true to myself and will be genuine to anyone that I come across. Am I perfect? No, but I have come along way and learned from stupid things I have done. I feel like the world or shall I say the world I’m surrounded by only cares about themselves and what other people see them as. People need the latest clothes. They need to be noticed. They need Internet fame. It bothers me. I just feel like people have lost the meaning of living. To live your life is to enjoy, explore, make mistakes, learn, accomplish, and grant your success. Honesty has become the meaning of deceit. People lie because they can’t confront the truth. They pretend to be someone their not because they hate who they are. If you don’t do the same things they’re interested in they look at you differently. People can’t even give compliments anymore. If they see someone doing better than they are that person instantly becomes their competition. It’s sad. This society has honestly screwed us all. Only real people recognize real life shit. I wish I could say I have a few girlfriends that I trust fully. Or a few girls who I know would be there for me whenever. That’s just not reality anymore. Watch your surroundings and be careful who you let in. Don’t completely shut down or shut people out just don’t be naive.